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Dr. Mark Germack

Dr. Mark Germack

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Our Mission

Our Mission is simple: to provide you with the finest endodontic treatment available anywhere. Our "make no compromises" philosophy places our practice in the top 1% of endodontic practices, nationwide. Indeed, many of the advances in endodontics in the last 10 years have come directly out of our office and have been adopted by the specialty soon after introduction.

Our “quality first” emphasis has helped many other endodontic practices reach beyond their potential.

Practice Profile

Our office of Dr. Carr, Joy Haskins, and Amy Taylor is known the world over for their commitment to excellence. Joy has been Dr. Carr’s assistant for 15-years and has helped develop many of the innovative assisting techniques now commonplace.

Five years ago, Dr. Carr and Amy Taylor developed The Digital Office software program to help the endodontist refocus their practices on quality. Today, it is one of the most widely used software programs in endodontics. Together, our commitment to you is that you receive the best care that is possible today.

20 Olive Way Suite 835
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 913-2599
(206) 913-2871